Élan Gallery offers two unique and exclusive works to the Old Town Scottsdale region; Artist Christine Rosamond (1947-1994) and Sid Dickens Memory Blocks.

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

Carefully handcrafted from start to finish. Each Memory Block is unique using traditional raw materials and artistic techniques.

Artist Christine Rosamond (1947 - 1994)

Artist Christine Rosamond (1947-1994): California Artist Christine Rosamond, a self-taught artist, exhibited her first two paintings in Los Angeles in 1972. Within 6-months, she would achieve national acclaim. She soon became the most published artist in the world, surpassing even Norman Rockwell and Salvadore Dali. Come see her amazing works of art...

Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Friday (11:00 to 4:00) / Thursday Night Art Walk (7:00 to 9:00)